Our Music Systems

A Kyron Music System is the ultimate way to enjoy music at home. Designed and delivered as a turn-key solution complete with amplifiers, cables and expert installation, there is no easier or better way to integrate music into your life. Our larger systems are capable of more power, moving vast amounts of air to deliver sound in bigger spaces. We will help you choose the system that is right for you and will assist with every step of the journey.

Kyron Phoenix Music System

Nothing can prepare you for the experience of listening to our Phoenix system. Designed primarily for dedicated listening environments, Phoenix can create a huge 3D music picture of an orchestra or rock concert, and almost as amazingly can also seemingly disappear to leave the delicacy and finesse of the finest acoustic music or vocal. The ultimate expression of our quest for sonic perfection, the Phoenix is for the music lover who demands the very best.

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Gaia is a music system without equal, adaptable to almost any listening environment. Our no-baffle technology(NBT) gives Gaia a unique aesthetic that is as incredible as the sound quality. A perfect speaker for lofts, open plan living or dedicated music spaces, Gaia excels at delivering emotion and power.

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Kronos is the perfect entertainer and with an array of customisations available, it looks at home in any living space. From traditional to modern, the Kronos is a chameleon that will bring the joy of music to your home. From small apartments to the musical heart of larger spaces, Kronos will deliver the sound Kyron is famous for.

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