Pythos music player as been designed to deliver bit perfect music direct to your music system. Every element of the musical storage, retrieval and delivery has been optimised for timing perfection and low noise. Whether from high resolution internet streaming services or from your own files on the internal storage, Pythos will play them with incredible precision and immense musicality.

A high quality home music system demands an equally capable music source. The Pythos music player was developed to provide pristine music playback from digital music in full CD to high resolution PCM and DSD quality.

A built in CD drive for copying your disks to the online storage allows you to have your collection available at the touch of a screen, as well as access to high resolution streaming services for a world of music enjoyment and exploration. (* online streaming services require separate subscription and may not be available in all areas)

Pythos has NO graphics or video hardware at all, designed to be operated from a tablet, phone or computer on the same network, and other processor functions that are not required for music playback are disabled.

The music server has processor cores devoted to the music playback engine only, and are not interrupted or delayed by any other processes. This ensures a steady, bit perfect audio stream regardless of whether you are browsing for the next song, updating playlists or ripping a CD.

The Pythos utilises ECC RAM, normally reserved for mission critical systems that must not have errors. The chances of a memory error occurring are estimated at rates of 2000–6000 per GB per year of uninterrupted operation. ECC memory can detect and correct single bit errors, which may otherwise corrupt the audio stream. These errors are tiny, will not show up in most measurements and are often ignored by the processor.