From the beginning more than 20 years ago, Kyron has looked to use the best of existing and emerging technologies to further the accuracy and musical integrity of our products. While many other audio systems are not far removed from the systems of the 1970-80s, Kyron uses cutting edge electronics design combined with better acoustic implementation and high quality components to deliver an experience that is beyond the realm of what most people can imagine.

No Box

Loudspeakers without an enclosure behind the drivers sound more natural. Talk into any small container and you can clearly hear that the tone and balance of your voice changes. The sound waves are being distorted as they bounce around inside of the container.

So why might you have an enclosure? The answer is bass efficiency. A speaker with an enclosure can achieve much louder bass with less power, but there is a cost to accuracy. We have analyzed this loss in efficiency and created an analogue compensation filter that perfectly restores the signal. The result is bass that sounds just like the real thing, with speed, depth and consistency.

The primary difference for each model in our range of music systems is the amount of air each system can move in the bass frequencies without requiring an enclosure.

Active Drive

Speakers require amplifiers to boost the tiny electrical audio signals to levels that will move the speaker cones. At Kyron, we include the amplification specifically tailored to each system. While most old technology speakers require 2 channels of amplification (one for the left speaker and one for the right), Kyron optimises the power required for each type of driver and the specific job it is doing. Kronos has 6 amplifiers and Gaia has 10! This is known as an active speaker, and is common in studio recording and concert sound where accuracy and control are vital.

Phase Accurate

Phase is a technical term which describes how sound is delayed in time. Discrepencies in timing of different sounds destroys our perception of realism. The advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) capability of a Kyron music system is provided by DEQX and breaks the sound of the speaker into thousands of separate groups, minutely adjusting their timing so that all groups arrive at the listener’s ear at the same time.

The result is an extremely realistic, organic sound much like the way sound is presented naturally to our ears, with the whole frequency spectrum from very low sounds to very high sounds arriving simultaneously at our ears.

Linear Phase Crossovers

Each speaker in a music system is responsible for a specific role in music playback. Broadly speaking, the larger drivers reproduce the lowest bass sounds, while the smallest tweeters reproduce the very high sounds. The crossover is responsible for separating the signal so that each driver is only being asked to play the appropriate sounds. There is also a region either side of the crossover point where both drivers will be reproducing some of the sound.

An old fashioned crossover found in most hi-fi systems uses large, reactive components such as inductors and capacitors to divide the signal. These components receive the full, high power signal straight from the amplifier. Passive crossovers result in poor phase response, distortion and a wide crossover region. As the drivers or the crossover components heat up with the amplifier power, their parameters change altering the crossover frequency and effectiveness.

A Kyron music system uses the on board DEQX Digital Signal Processing (DSP) power to provide linear phase crossovers. This means that each driver is working optimally and hands over quickly and evenly to the next driver and adds perfectly in the crossover region. The crossing over is done before the power amplifiers and then each section has a dedicated power amplifier that is connected directly to the driver(s).

Room Correction

A vital and often overlooked component in a home music system is the environment. If you have ever sung in the shower, you will have some appreciation for the effect the room can have on sound. Sound reflects and bounces off of our room surfaces, creating copies of the original sound. If sounds waves continue to bounce back and forward between two walls, the sound can build up to create a boomy bass sound.

A Kyron home music system can measure the effect of these room problems and apply a room correction filter to lessen the sonic impact these have on the listening experience. Each system is installed by a Kyron specialist and a full suite of measurements is taken and evaluated. Careful tuning is undertaken to ensure that the music system and the room are working together in perfect harmony to create sonic bliss.