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Life is better with music, and music is better with Kyron.

Kyron Logo

Experience music like never before. Our holographic 3D audio technology will redefine what you thought was possible from a home music system. You will feel as though you are at the studio, or at the live concert where the music was recorded, transporting the stage right into your home. Music should not be for background noise, it is art. Raise your enjoyment and appreciation and hear and feel what the artist intended with Kyron.

Life is better with music, and music is better with Kyron.


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.


Kyron exists for music. Music has the power to relax us or invigorate us, take us somewhere new or on a journey back in time. It brings us together invoking movement and emotion, or involuntary reactions such as toe tapping, tears, or spine tingles. It can be used for healing, escaping or to set the mood for entertaining. Immerse yourself in music with Kyron and you will know the life changing effect it can bring.


Look at usual things with unusual eyes.

Vico Magistretti

Kyron products are designed not just to create incredible 3D audio holograms, but also to be a visual feast for the eyes. Our acoustic design has allowed us to break free of the traditional box sound and shape. Advanced materials science blended with design inspired by architecture, racing and science fiction have created sculptures worthy to be adored purely for their aesthetic. Every element has been carefully considered to elevate the enjoyment of the art of music.

No Compromise

Kyron members appreciate and understand the Kyron difference. They do not come to us seeking something that is good, but rather something exceptional. Every decision at Kyron is considered against our overarching ideal of “No Compromise”. While it is plain to see or hear this in the end result of our music systems, it is also evident in our partnerships, member care and ongoing dedication to innovation and continual improvement.

Ease of use, pride of ownership, configuration / input options etc and this is where the Kronos clearly shines.

Greg - Kyron Member