Life is better with music, and music is better with Kyron



The story of Kyron begins with two professional musicians, Lee Gray and Leon Suter practicing their craft for the Royal Australian Air Force Band in Sydney, Australia; Lee as a percussionist and Leon as a clarinettist. Lee and Leon had an underlying passion for audio and had music recording experience on both sides of the microphone. Kyron started building loudspeakers for the discerning ears of professional musicians in 2001, and have continued the quest for the most realistic and musical home audio systems.

Leon Suter
Leon Suter

Leon had a keen interest in audio from childhood and would often call in at the local hi-fi shop on the way home from school to listen and compare the various systems and products. He went on to study music at university and also took an option in advanced math and numerical computing.

One evening, the music was turned up a little too loudly and Leon destroyed the loudspeakers that he had borrowed from his father. He repaired these, however in doing so unlocked a desire to improve them. This led to a lifetime of learning and improvement and ultimately to music systems that have been awarded with honours and awards from publications around the globe.

Leon served as the head audio engineer for the Royal Australian Air Force Band, developing their recording capability and overseeing live sound reinforcement operations, including design and running of concert systems for warzone deployments to entertain troops.

The knowledge and experience gained from study in music, hi-fi and professional audio has allowed Leon to develop products that truly stand alone in their ability to bring recordings to life.

Lee Gray
Lee Gray

Lee Gray’s childhood was filled with afternoons and weekends building things. Lee’s father Brian was a Fitter and Turner and Lee grew up learning how to turn raw materials into beautifully made and functional objects. When he wasn’t building things, he would be listening to his mother sing and play guitar or be practicing the drums. He was soon playing along side her as well as in a number of bands, giving Lee an eclectic mix of musical influences and experience.

Lee went on to study music at university where he learned not only drums but all manner of percussion instruments including marimba, vibraphone and triangle. Since this time, Lee has also gone on to do further university study in Industrial Design.

These two passions have culminated in the design of Kyron Audio loudspeakers. Lee’s quest for musical realism, for an audio system that can accurately portray the rhythmic and impulsive complexities of percussion instruments is aligned with his incredible eye for detail and his deep knowledge of materials required for their design. This synergy has created arguably both the most beautiful looking and highest performing audio products on the planet.