No Compromise

Pursuit of Excellence

In Greek Mythology Kyron (Cheiron) was a master of music, known to play flawlessly and of the sciences, with knowledge of hidden secrets and future events. When research and development of our ground breaking Gaia music system began in 2003, the technology required to make it possible was only emerging. Patented technologies from Sydney, the Netherlands and Denmark would be required to fulfil the vision of a realistic audio hologram using Kyron's unique No-Box-Technology acoustic speaker.

Not only would a Kyron music system sound like nothing before it, it would also look refreshingly different. Material testing with sensitive vibration analysis allowed us to choose materials that would hold the exceedingly strong motor systems of our speaker drivers without shaking or flexing so as not to create extraneous sound through vibration.



While computer controlled machines are utilised to carve or build many of the parts of a Kyron music systems, it is the expertly trained individuals that bring the level of finish required to meet our exacting expectations. While many machine shops boast about their defence quality, this level does not come close to what is required to be considered acceptable. Our aluminium is sourced from Europe and must be certified and in some cases undergo an x-ray to determine suitability. The machinist must follow a strict set of detailed procedures that ensures that all parts that come off of the machine will be suitable for the next finishing stage and this will vary depending on what has been chosen by the member who has commissioned the music system. The procedures and drawings for one music system are hundreds of pages in length and every surface of every part has comprehensive requirements spelled out.

Bespoke Creations

Various finishing options are available to be chosen by our members for a Kyron music system. The finest of Italian leathers, Alcantara, precious metal detailing in gold or silver, carbon fibre, concours level paint finishes, advanced electroplating or mirror finish polishing are some of the options available to personalise a Kyron system.

Each procedure is trusted to a specialist artisan who is a master of their craft and can take hundreds of hours to perfect for each system.


Wholistic Approach

At Kyron, we believe that bringing music into your home should not be a difficult or stressful endeavour. We have designed the whole system to work flawlessly and include all cables and required accessories. We send a factory trained installation expert to commission, test and tune the sound to match the final environment to ensure you get the best possible sound.

If building or renovating, we work with your builder, architect, interior designer and other specialists to integrate music into your home in such a way that it maximises enjoyment both acoustically and visually. From automated vinyl storage to hiding of cables in the floors or walls, our team of professionals will work with you to achieve your vision.

Invisible acoustic treatment options can be designed that not only make the space better for music, but for talking, entertaining and day to day living too. We help to set up streaming so that you can access a world of music from the touch of your screen, including your own CD’s.